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Frequently Asked Questions


It is recommended that you advise your clients in advance about the use of pre-made templates for their projects. Such disclosure can deter any possible legal disputes with clients in case of similarities between layouts occurs.

1a. Are there limitations on usage for templates that I purchase from DesignGalaxy?
Yes. The templates you purchase can be used to create and build any website in any format that you wish. However, templates cannot be resold or redistributed in any manner. You cannot claim exclusive or intellectual ownership of any of the products, with or without modification. All products offered under the name of DesignGalaxy are property of DesignGalaxy. The same template cannot be used for more than one project at any given time. (i.e. to create another project using the same design, the template must be purchased a second time.)

1b. Are there limitations on usage of Icons that I purchase from DesignGalaxy?
Yes. Although the Icons are royalty free, however, Icons cannot be resold or redistributed or used in templates if you design and sell templates. You can use Icons on your or your clients website or you can use it as a non exclusive logo.

1c. Are there limitations on usage of fonts that I purchase from DesignGalaxy?
Yes. Fonts cannot be resold or redistributed or used in templates if you design and sell templates. You can use fonts on your or your clients website or other projects you might have.


2. Are the website templates exclusive to one buyer?
No. We sell the templates as many times as we think it should be sold.


3. Are the logos exclusive to one buyer?
Yes. The logos are exclusive and we will remove it from our catalog as soon as it is sold. We give all the rights for the buyer to use the logo in any way they wish.

4. What is a website template?
DesignGalaxy offers ready-made web page graphics and HTML files that allow you
to insert images of your choice and text in the design, allowing
customization for your specific content. These ready-made templates provide
a professional quality design, and in most cases HTML files, as a starting
point in creating your website.

5. Are the website templates programmed?
Some of the website templates are fully programmed and include the necessary
HTML files, javascript, CSS and sliced graphics as well as the Photoshop
(PSD) file. The rest of the website templates only include the Photoshop
(PSD) file and require web programming. Check the description to see if the
template includes HTML files or if it only includes the Photoshop (PSD)


6. How do I receive the files once I place an order?
You will receive an email confirming your order immediately after filling and submitting the online secure payment form. After the purchase is authorized by our merchant company, you will be able to download the purchased files via a link supplied to you through your account.
You must log in to your account at and then do the following procedure:
- Click on [View Order Status And History].
- Then click on [View].
- Towards the bottom left of your order details click on [Download Now].
In order to open the files you will need an unzipping tool. Windows users may visit Mac users may visit
IMPORTANT! All orders must be downloaded within 24 hours from date of purchase otherwise the provided link will no longer be valid!

7. What should I expect to receive from DesignGalaxy when my purchase is authorized?
You will receive PSD files, HTML files and the Fonts that are used in the template. Templates that specify only PSD files contain only the Photoshop files.

8. Can I use your templates with Microsoft FrontPage®?
Most of templates come with HTML files that can be opened in Microsoft
Frontpage®, Macromedia Dreamweaver® or Adobe® GoLive®. Check the description
to see if the template includes HTML files.

9. What software do you recommend for creating or editing HTML pages?
We prefer Macromedia Dreamweaver®, but any HTML editor can work.

10. I don't know how to take a website template and create a web page from it. Where can I learn?
The website template will need to be sliced into graphics and HTML will need to written to position the graphics on a web page. Photoshop can be used to slice up a web template into graphics and generate HTML. If you have Photoshop, go to the Help section and read about Designing Web Pages. A tryout version of Photoshop is available. Alternatively, you can use Fireworks (an image editor) and Dreamweaver (an HTML editor) together to design a website from a template. There is a good tutorial on how to use these programs at:
Once you understand the tutorial, you should be able to use these two programs together to design a site with one of our templates. You can also download trial versions of Fireworks and Dreamweaver at the macromedia website.

11. Can the templates be modified so that I can create a fully custom website to better suit my clients needs?
The unique design of the templates utilizes the Photoshop Layer format. This means that every single element of the website, such as company logo, text, and menu buttons were created in separate layers. Each of the layers can be changed to suit your design needs.


12. Can templates purchased from DesignGalaxy be used to create websites for clients?
Yes. The templates are perfect for designers who want to offer their clients a unique and high quality website but don't have the time to create a new design.

13. What are PHP Templates?
PHP Templates are design as a plugin for PHP CMS. Eg. PostNuke or PHPNuke The themes are configured so no editting is need other then some personal images in the and choices of menu title images.

14. How does PHP templates Work?
When one of these CMS are installed you can easily add them to to your
choices of themes by uploading them to your public_html/themes folder.

15. What type of softwares do I need to work with PHP templates?
(MySQL and usually linux, unix server)

What you need is either PostNuke or PHPNuke Follow their install instructions, once installed upload the Theme to your public_html/themes folder go to Administration of your CMS and choose the theme, PPL can also choose their own theme if you allow theme or if you have more then one theme uploaded (installed)